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What areas does do you provide service?

We service the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas. 

 delivery and set-up are indicated in areas below












 Travel Fee 

Please contact us for pricing.


 What forms of payment do you accept? 

We accept all major credit cards (Through Paypal) cash and E-transfers.


​How much do I have to put down to reserve an event?

We require a $300 deposit to reserve your event date on our calendar. (See Packages) 

 We take online payments with any major credit/debit card

 (If you have an account set up with Paypal, you can make a purchase that way)


The remainder of the balance will be due 1-3 days prior to the event. 

 We would send you a payment request about a week before your event.

You can also pay this online!

 This will allow us to process the payment in a timely fashion and for your convenience.


How much time is required to book an event?

We recommend at least 4 MONTHS  advanced notice to book your event. However, as long as there is an open spot and considerable time we would be able to accommodate you and your event


What is your policy regarding: If I change the date of my event?

As far as changing the date, it depends on the situation. If your new date is something  

we have open, we could transfer your deposit to that new date at no charge, as long as we 

still have a reasonable window of time to book your old date.

*If it turns out that there isn't a date that would work for you and decide to cancel,  

a $70 cancellation fee will apply.


 What is your policy regarding: If I cancelled the date AFTER booking a

reservation Making a $300 deposit)?

If you cancel, a $70 cancellation fee will apply. 

(If you made the purchase through Paypal, we will return your deposit the same way)


We HIGHLY recommend you CONTACT US FIRST to check for 

availability before booking, to avoid the possibility of paying a fee.


How does overtime hours work? 

If you feel that you want to extend your rental during your event,  

you can let the attendant know and a half-an-hour/hourly fee will be applied.  

You could either write a check or pay cash at the event, or pay via Paypal after the event.


How long does it take for booth technician to set up the Photobooth?

About 35 minutes – 50 mins prior to start of your event. If you need us to arrive earlier, 

please contact us about adding on idle time. (See Add-On for Idle time) 

I ordered a USB stick of my event's photos. 


When should I expect to receive it?

You should receive it within 1-2 weeks after your event. The item will be mailed to your location. 

If the host decides to make the album private. 

The password will be placed on a table next to the booth at the event. 


The prices of the packages have changed, I already booked my event,

will this affect the total amount that I have to pay?

No, you will be charged the amount that is based on the prices listed

the day that you booked your event. 






How does the photo​booth work?​​

Our photobooth is as easy as 1-2-3. Our touchscreen feature is very user-friendly and the screen

layout has a nice blend of colors . You will first pick which template you would like (Postcard or  strip).

 Our monitor will start a countdown which allows you to get ready for a nice pose.

You will pick which filter (Color, B&W, sepia and vintage filters), and then you’ll get a 

preview of what the picture will look like with the corresponding filter. The machine will ​prompt you each time if you'd like to save your GIF, Strip, Postcard on a social media, MMS or email! 

 Animated GIF also available! (See Add-on) 

When deciding what kind of hosting, there are 3 options. Namely…

1)   Open-concept (which is just the booth, the background will either be the wall

2)   Close-concept (a canopy tent is included- for privacy)

3)   Studio- a (black/white backdrop are available FREE!) Custom backdrops counts as an Add-On) 


When do I get my photos? 

Your photos will print on the spot and will be ready instantaneously !!! We use a special sub-dye printer for  our booth which doesn't require you to dry them.

The photos will also be saved online (you can find them on the Gallery section of the website).

As a host, you can set the album either public or private.


Is there a limit to how many photos we can take?

No, during the event, you and your guests can take as many photos you like.


Will there be someone from your company at my event?

Yes, there will be a booth technician to assist you and your guests and to handle any technical issues.











Do you carry liability insurance?
Yes! We carry a $1,000,000 liability policy and will be happy to provide a proof of insurance certificate upon request.

Do you have a backup DJ on call in case of emergency or sickness?
We have qualified DJs and MCs that are “on call” should an emergency or car accident occur, or your selected DJ become ill on or before the day of the event. In this case, the client will be notified immediately of the replacement DJ. All information gathered by the original DJ will be passed along to the replacement DJ. (Of course, this is a last resort option and the DJ is switched out only in worst case scenario situations.)

Do you have a backup DJ system on call in case of an emergency or equipment failure?
We double check all equipment before each event. If, for some reason, a DJ system is not working properly, a back up DJ system will be delivered to the event.

When do you arrive to set up an event?
We believe arriving 1 hour in advance is sufficient time to set up the DJ gear and prepare for the event start time. If an event is more detailed and requires more set up/ preparation time, we are happy to arrive early to ensure a successful event.

What does an Absolute DJ wear to a DJ event?
For equipment load in and breakdown, your DJ will be dressed casually. For the actual event, your DJ will change into an outfit to fit the general style of the event. For weddings and formal events, your DJ will wear formal attire (suit and tie). For casual events, your DJ will wear jeans and a collared shirt.

Do you offer Karaoke?
Yes! For our karaoke services, we have numerous great karaoke DJ references that we work with on a regular basis. We will be happy to provide a quote for karaoke services in addition to your Disk Jockey services.

What kind of music do you play?
Our vast variety of music genres (rock, pop, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, reggae, electronic, etc…) in our music library has everything from Frank Sinatra to the Black Eyed Peas. Your Disk Jokey will be happy to work with you in detail to pick out specific genres of music, song titles, and artists.


Do you accept requests?
Of course! Unless specifically requested not to, your Absolute Entertainment Ltd. will always accept requests (within reason) from your guests on the night of the event.

What if I want to request a song that is not on your list, or is not in your music library?
We accept all requests anytime and bring the Internet where ever we go. If we do not have your song we will get it for you. We have many ways to get music from reliable sources that give us the highest quality download. As long as the request is reasonable for the type of event, we will make sure we get it right away.

Can we meet our DJ/MC in-person before the event?
Yes, of course! call our staff and ask to set up a face-to-face meeting, or even a phone meeting to get to know our DJs even better. (The bottom line is that we want you to be comfortable with your Absolute Entertainment Ltd. before your event. Sometimes, a simple phone meeting will put you at ease.)

What is your overtime policy?
Your contract will state the cost of each overtime hour. Overtime is payable directly to the DJ/MC at your event prior to the beginning of the overtime period. Please make cheques payable to Absolute Entertainment Ltd..

Is it customary to tip?
If you feel your DJ/MC does a great job, gratuities are always greatly appreciated.













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